Highly Sensitive Kids

As we have deepened our study and commitment to simplicity parenting, we have become very mindful of keeping space clean and energy calm for us and our kids. We are by no means extreme when it comes to a perfectly clean home but we do make it a daily practice to cleanse clutter and simplify. When you make this a daily practice, you feel so light and vibrant.

The more density surrounding us in our physical world (stuff, clutter, lack of space), the longer it takes to manifest in our life. Weight=Wait and Waste=Weight are two truthful principles we have been taught along our journey. The more weight you have in your surroundings (density), the slower synchronicity happens and the longer it seems to take to make anything juicy happen.

Simple. Simple. Simple. This is our daily commitment. We stumble and get sucked up in complexity for sure but we get back on the simplicity path as quickly as possible.

More and more children are coming into this world with heightened senses and higher states of energetic vibration. We must do what we can to nurture their bodies, minds and environment and give them space to breathe and experience freedom. Too much stimulation for these children makes it difficult for them to tap into their natural gifts and thrive as empaths and enlightened ones in the world today. Simple bedrooms, fewer toys, space to breathe and lots of time in nature have proven to be very helpful in our family.

Leanne Jacobs