We are a family-owned business. Along with our 4 children, we made a deep commitment to nurture and grow our company as a family. We have a strong passion for entrepreneurship and for developing leadership in our children- which is why they are a very integral part of our company and its foundation. We are committed to healing the planet and its people. Clean water + clean air is near and dear to our hearts. Raising conscious and confident children is also at the very core of everything we do.

We believe in organically grown products and we believe that sprouting creates perfect living nutrition. This is why we combine these two nutritional elements in all of our products.


We are always in search of conscious wisdom for parenting, health, lifestyle, movement, energetics, holistic travel, raising confident children, world healing, connection, nature, contribution + sustainability. although we are both deeply committed to personal evolution, we want to mindfully share our journey together as a couple and as a family. we hope you feel throughout all of our communications, our commitment to integrity, love, authenticity and peace.